We asked David Horton, Sales Managing Director of GRENKE UK, to answer some questions and share his top tips over his past 10 years of sales experience!

Why is sales the best career for you?

It allows me to have the most varied of conversations, with an eclectic mix of people, learning about others and oneself while being paid to do it.

One’s own sales success really can make a very significant difference to the company you work for, and those you sell to.



What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

You can’t change the world on your own. You really do need the support of others.

What is your main learning from your years in sales?

  • Listen – You can never listen enough
  • Understand what it is you wish to achieve and by when
  • Never underestimate the need to prepare
  • When it’s tough, just keep going.

Are there any other golden nuggets you’d like to share?

Understand what your customer wants to achieve and why. Don’t assume you already know.