We are delighted to announce that our GRENKE Apprentices all passed their Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeships with flying colours.

Studying and working hard to support our business has provided our Apprentices a challenge that every one has risen too. With the support of both Beverley McGlone and Jordane Boobyer from HR, each and every one has completed the tasks set before them and have decided to stay on with GRENKE to continue their studies, but specialise in a field they feel suits their career progression.  An acknowledgement must be made also to the Team Leaders and collaegues working alongside our Apprentices who have contributes to the successful training and mentoring of our Apprentices.

We now have a full time Legal Apprentice, Sales Apprentice and Operations Apprentice. We have one apprentice who has also accepted an Account Management role in our Invoice Finance Team. Each has taken a completely different pathway here at GRENKE, and we are very excited to see their progression through our business. 

GRENKE wants to support all our employees with roles that challenge them, and provide them opportuities to grow. Anyone who has the right spirit, the entrepreneurial EXPLORE spirit, fits in well at GRENKE. Our environment is geared towards development and progression - both professionally and personally. 

This sense of community and L&D is supported by our core Employee slogan - Let's Grow Together.

Congratulations to Izzy Minor, Matthew Colleer, Laura D'Souza and Joe Endacott. We also send our best wishes to Merlin Rowlands, who is continuing his studies at University.