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GRENKE typically advance 90% of the gross invoice value.

GRENKE have a bespoke collection service, typically we send out a reminder letter when the invoice is 7 days overdue & 14 days overdue and call them once it is 21 days overdue.

No more than 2.5% of the gross invoice value.

GRENKE can tailor a package to suit your turnover, although we tend to work with businesses turning over between 200,000 and 10 Million pounds.

Yes, there is no minimum invoice value.

GRENKE do not ask for all of your invoices, giving you flexibility to select which accounts you want to factor. We do ask for all invoices for the debtor we are factoring, however they do not all have to be funded.

GRENKE take great pride in preserving relationships between you and your clients. Due to this, every one of our customers is given a dedicated Account Manager who is the sole contact for them and also their clients ensuring that the relationship is maintained.

GRENKE offer debt protection which protects you from having to pay back the invoice should your client not pay.

GRENKE allow an invoice to go 90 days overdue before any legal action is taken. At this point you are given the opportunity to buy back the invoice to prevent legal action.

We do not tell you how to spend your money that we advance. We do however monitor your financial information by asking for quarterly management accounts.

GRENKE were established in 1978 and operate in over 32 countries. We financed nearly 3 billion pounds of new business in 2018 and are listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.