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Present our brochures, review the legals and understand the GRENKE offer and service. Simple, transparent and at your fingertips.

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You are the experts when it comes to your product. Let us explain our finance solution and how we work alongside you to achieve more sales and success for your business. 

1    Introduction to GRENKE           2    Our Agreements           3    Marketing Onboarding           4    Reseller Rewards


1 GRENKE Group

Discover, implement, grow.

2 Reseller Solutions

Helping you make it happen.

3 Our Hire Agreement

Small Instalments instead of big investments.

4 Customer Solutions

Shaping the future with ideas.

5 Master Lease Agreement

Put a little in, get out a lot. 

6 Factoring Classic

All-inclusive factoring.

8 Customer Portal

Everything in view, everything under control

9 eSignature

Signed in the morning, paid for by the afternoon.


Repurchase Agreement

Required to complete to work with GRENKE.

Trading Agreement

Required to complete to work with GRENKE.



Download our Logo for your use across promotion or communications.

Retail Card

Use our GRENKE Retail Card at exhibitions or on your productd displays to present the leasing purchase option. 


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Your Business, Our Solutions

The Benefits of Leasing

Share the benefits of leasing to your business with your internal team OR showcase the benefits of leasing to your customer.