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Equipment Protection

Your equipment needs protection. Let's make sure your new equipment has the right coverage for it's time at your business. 

Make sure your equipment is protected.

The last thing we want is for anything to happen to the latest addition to your business. As owners of the equipment we require that it is insured by you and protected should the worst happen.

What are my options?

There are two, we can cover the equipment in our Equipment Protection or you can insure it, it's that simple. 

Equipment Protection

We can arrange Equipment Protection for your equipment here at GRENKE. 

Your Own Insurance

You can arrange for the equipment to be placed on your own insurance. You have 6 weeks from the delivery date to arrange this.  We will need written proof from your insurer. 

Cancellation of Equipment Protection

If you have your own insurance and wish to cancel your Equipment Protection with GRENKE, simply let us know. The period for which the equipment was in situ to the time your insurance is active on the equipment will need to be paid. Switching is fine with us, as long as the equipment is insured.