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To give you a quick and easy overview of GRENKE's most important facts and figures, you will find answers to frequently asked questions here – clear and simple.

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In simple terms, a lease allows a business to spread the cost of acquiring a piece of equipment over a chosen period and removes the need to pay for it all upfront.

A lease can be for almost any business and is an incredibly effective way of allowing a business to hold on to its cash while investing in business equipment for the future.


Over the last 40 years, GRENKE has provided leasing to numerous styles of businesses and organisations; Sole Traders, Associations, Industrial Providents, NHS Trusts, Local Education Authorities, Local Government, Partnerships, Limited Companies and PLC’s.

GRENKE operates independently of Equipment Manufacturers and Equipment Resellers and combined with our unique approach to underwriting it allows us to consider a very broad range of equipment (including but not limited to): IT Hardware – Software – CopiersPrinters – Telecoms - Medical Equipment - Coffee Machines - Vending Machines - Vehicle Telemetry - Commercial Catering Equipment - White Goods, EPOS - and much, much more. It may be possible to lease other items – simply talk to your local GRENKE contact.

Normally, you’re chosen equipment reseller would submit a proposal for a lease on your behalf to GRENKE. However, if your equipment reseller doesn’t already use GRENKE please ask them to do so. Alternatively, you can contact GRENKE directly. Please follow the link here.

We are legally obliged to charge VAT on our contracts at the prevailing rate(s) through the life of the contract.

Once you’ve signed your GRENKE ‘lease’ and ‘delivery confirmation certificate’ this will be sent to GRENKE who will process your contract paperwork within 24 hours.

If you’ve chosen to pay GRENKE on a ‘Quarterly’ repayment profile, ie every 3 months, your lease payments will be collected on the 1st of January, April, July and October.


If you’ve decided on a ‘Monthly’ repayment profile your lease payments will be collected on the 1st of every month. Most of our customers select the ‘Quarterly’ option as it reduces considerably the amount of administration and reconciliation.

As GRENKE are the legal owners of the equipment, we have to insure the equipment and we will charge you a small fee for this on an annual basis.

With our leasing product, you are paying for the use of the equipment not the ownership.

Yes you can. All we ask is that any monies outstanding on your contract at the time you wish to terminate are paid in full.

The GRENKE customer portal allows you to manage all your contracts simply and securely online. Moreover, it gives you access to digital invoices that meet all statutory requirements, e.g. for VAT returns.

Yes, GRENKE customers have access to the customer portal where you can select to receive your invoices via email.

Yes. We offer an invoice factoring facility via our group subsidiary called GC Factoring Ltd. If you wish to see more about this solution visit our Business Areas or speak to our team today