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GRENKE is committed to responsible corporate governance and manages and monitors its processes accordingly. We have a team dedicated to compliance, money laundering and fraud prevention, and a system for information security. Respectful and moral behavior is anchored in writing in the GRENKE Code of Conduct and our team lead by example.

As a company in the financial sector, acting in ethical manner is fundamental. To ensure this, GRENKE takes extensive measures and has implemented structures and processes to adhere to a comprehensive compliance management system.

We secure our sustainable success through careful risk management. As a Global organisation, the local economic, environmental and wider governance topics across all the countries we operate in need consideration. We work locally to ensure we meet country standards across our risk management strategy.

Sales without Boundaries


We are in constant communications with external stakeholders to ensure we are committed to offering transparency and clear reporting on request. We have a team dedicated to continuous improvement and the control of governance and compliance structure. We are audited regularly.

Our Areas of Focus


Our Group-wide compliance management system (CMS) helps us to meet the various international requirements and prevent risks. Our local compliance team provide consistent support to our teams and external parties. Our whistleblower platform "GRENKE Integrity Line" offers all internal and external stakeholders the opportunity to bring potential breaches of regulations to our attention - anonymously.

Data Protection

We continuously develop our data protection management system further. In this way, we ensure that data processing in the Consolidated Group is carried out compliantly and any potential violations are recognised at an early stage, with appropriate countermeasures taken. We have appointed data protection officers in accordance with legal requirements and created a central office for operational data protection. Contact details for our DPOs are available to our customers, business partners and employees as expert contacts.

Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention

We counter potential money laundering and criminal activities with our specially qualified staff, work instructions, guidelines and checks. Our stakeholders are regularly trained and informed about regulations and developments in money laundering. In addition, we are setting up an IT-supported transaction monitoring and KYC tool, which will automate and digitalise these processes.

Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention

In order to protect the information we process in the best possible way, we are constantly developing our information security management system further. Compliance with regulations and laws, in particular the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) and the banking supervisory requirements for IT (BAIT), are the basis of our actions. All measures, processes and controls are based on the ISO27001 standard and the IT security maturity model according to COBIT (internationally recognised framework for IT governance) and are being successively expanded.

Corporate Governance

With a listed stock corporation parent company, we are required to submit a Statement of Corporate Governance pursuant to Sections 289f and 315d HGB. This statement contains the Declaration of Conformity pursuant to Section 161 AktG, disclosures on corporate management practices and a description of the working practices of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

Global Sustainability Reporting

As a global organisation, we are committed to mitigating negative impacts and creating positive impacts for a sustainable future. Our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Taxonomy and UN Sustainable Goals (SDGS) applies key performance indicators, standards and goals  to help drive our business into a sustainable future. 


The Future

At GRENKE, we are steadfast in our commitment to corporate governance. This commitment is the cornerstone of our operations and is fundamental to our success and reputation in the leasing industry. We uphold the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and integrity in all our business practices.

Our framework will ensure rigorous oversight and foster a culture of ethical decision-making across all levels of the organization. By prioritizing responsible governance, we not only enhance stakeholder trust but also drive sustainable growth and long-term value creation. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in governance practices, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry standards and regulatory compliance.

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