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Direct Debit

Once your hire agreement is active, payments will be taken by Direct Debit, unless we are instructed otherwise. Make sure all your details are correct.

The simplest and safest way to make regular payments

At the start of your Hire Agreement with us, you will have completed a Direct Debit form for your payments. The payments will be collected automatically from the account provided at the frequency you selected.


The Direct Debit form confirms you are happy for the transfer of money, to the sum of the payments, from the agreed account to us. 

When completing your Hire Agreement, it is required that the payee name given on the Direct Debit should match the company name shown on your Hire Agreement. We require the complete Account Number and Sort Code to process the Direct Debit. 

If you require changes to your Direct Debit, you can change the bank details on the Customer Portal. However, you will also need to complete a new Mandate with us to process with the bank. One of our team can help.