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End of Agreement

You are coming to the end of your leasing journey - or are you? Your current Hire Agreement is drawing to the End Date (Lease Contract) - what's next? You have options - let us explain them all.

Time to make a decision for your next step

If your agreement is coming to a close, you have a few options at your disposal. Our termination policy is outlined in our Terms & Conditions, which are accessible on your Customer Portal.

Keep, Upgrade or Return

You have three options to choose from, find out what you need to do next.

Keep your equipment

Fallen in love? Don't wish to change a thing? That's fine. If you don't wish to terminate your contract, your equipment can remain where it is. You will continue to pay the same amount at the same frequency. These are called "Secondary Rentals". At any point, you can change your mind, just let us know and we can either upgrade or you can return your equipment after your next payment is due. 

Upgrade your equipment

Time for an upgrade? Speak to your supplier today and get the next issue of your equipment. We can roll one agreement into the next. Your supplier will arrange your new equipment and update your hire agreement. 

End your agreement, return the equipment

You will need to inform GRENKE a minimum of 90 days before the Contract End Date if you wish to end your agreement with us. Once we have notice and the notice period has been completed, you will need to return the equipment to us, or any third party as directed by us. Information on Return of Equipment can be found in your Terms & Conditions.

Don't I own the equipment?

A common misunderstanding, unfortunately this is not the case.

Owners VS Hirers

GRENKE are the owners of the equipment. You are hiring your equipment from us. Hiring the equipment means you are making payments for the usage of the equipment. You are not making payments towards the eventual ownership, this is known as a "Hire Purchase Agreement" - GRENKE does not offer this type of agreement. Once the agreement is completed, we will most likely sell the equipment back to the supplier. There may be the possibility of purchasing the equipment from your supplier, but you would need to discuss this with them separately.