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Hire Agreement (Lease Contract)

Not clear on the jargon - let us run you through our agreement, step by step, the terminology and the key areas we want you to be clear on.  

A contractual agreement between your business and us.

Let us guide you through the agreement, one step at a time. You can find out what's included in the documents, what the jargon means and the important information for you and your business. 



Let us describe in more detail our agreement and highlight the relevant areas. 

Agreement outline

Page by page

Let us go through our current document - just so you know where everything is.

Payment structure

How much and when

A breakdown of your payments - from the first to the last. We want nothing to be unexpected.

Incorporating a previous lease

Including a settlement

You have already leased your equipment in an existing lease agreement with another leasing company. No problem! We can settle the amount to terminate that agreement and incorporate the settlement into our agreement, 


The jargon explained

Jargon is for those in the industry. We are aiming to make our contract jargon simpler. For now, let us explain what we mean.


The important moments in your contract outlined.