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The Equipment

The equipment is now with you. Let us talk you through your duty of care and responsibilities during it's stay.

Keeping your equipment safe and sound.

You have chosen the equipment that is ideal to support your business going forward. Once it arrives, it is over to you to ensure the equipment runs to maximum efficiency and it remains protected throughout the lease. 


Your Obligations

A full list of all your obligations can be found in the terms and conditions of your hire agreement.

It's Arrival

You have taken time to select your equipment. We have purchased the equipment at your request and its arrived. Ensure everything is in good working order before you sign the Deilvery Certificate. By signing this, you agree to begin your hire agreement with us. 

During it's Stay

Having an issue with the equipment? The equipment should be fixed and maintained by your supplier. Whilst the equipment is in your care, it is your responsibiliy to keep the equipment in good condition, safe, and at the address in which it was installed. 

Saying Goodbye

Time to return the equipment. You will need to return it in good condition along with any manuals, records or handbooks. The return will be at your expense and should be arranged with your supplier.

The Delivery Certificate

The key to the start of your hire agreement.

We shall pay the supplier on the basis of your signed Delivery Certificate. DO NOT SIGN the Delivery Certificate until the equipment has been delivered to you and has been inspected by you.


You will start to pay the rentals due under the agreement on the Delivery Date. This Date is only confirmed on the day you sign the Delivery Certifcate.