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If you pay your lease by Direct Debit, you will receive a VAT Schedule. These documents are required to submit your accounts, so let's find out more about them.

Advance notice of your upcoming payments

At the start of your Hire Agreement with us, you will have VAT Schedules issued to the Customer Portal with all the important documentation for your lease. The schedules are reissued every contractual year. 

Understanding your VAT Schedule

If you pay your lease by Direct Debit you will receive an annual Schedule of VAT. This provides advance notice of Direct Debit payments including payment dates and amounts for the upcoming year.

Reading your Schedule

What's included?

This is a ‘Tax Invoice’ outlining the VAT regulations (it is not a demand for payment).

Important information

About your VAT Schedule

Every document associated with your agreement is important. Why should you keep a copy of your VAT Schedule safe?

Locate your VAT Schedule

Looking for yours? It's safe with all your other documents on the Customer Portal.

Activate your Customer Portal

If you require your VAT Schedule for your accounts, you can find it on your Customer Portal. If you have lost your Activation Code, you can issue another code in the 'Registration' section of the Portal.


Need more help?

If you are having any issues finding your VAT Schedule, speak to us today.