Life has altered professionally and personally for individuals across the globe. We wanted to ask some of our employees how the pandemic has affected them during their working life.

We speak with GRENKE's London Internal Sales Manager, Jordane Boobyer, about her experience of working during Covid-19.

How has lockdown been for you?

I think, like everyone, lockdown has had its effect on their roles. However, on a whole I can’t complain, I have worked throughout, I am lucky to have a suitable space at home to be able to work from effectively, and have been able to exercise throughout which is a huge help to my mental wellbeing. 

How has your working role been affected?

I am lucky as the ability to work from home has meant that my role hasn't changed drastically. However, not having my colleagues close by has been a little unsettling. Saying that if I do have any queries, there is always a helpful colleague I can ask for advice if and when needed. 

What have been your priorities in the last month or so?

As the Apprentice Support Manager, my priorities have been to ensure our GRENKE Apprentices are coping well, emailing regularly to check in. Alongside that, making sure our contracts are ready for pay out and working towards our targets. Answering customer queries and helping other teams who require more help during these challenging times. 

How do you think the UK are handling this pandemic for businesses?

I think the rules set have been very unclear and in some ways, unfair. Certain industries can do one thing whilst others can’t. Each update causes more confusion. I stay away from the news, as it all gets a bit too much.

What do you hope for the rest of 2020 at work?

Normality (wishful thinking!). I hope to be able to go into the office safely with my colleagues, I miss the team atmosphere and banter we have in the office which makes work even more enjoyable.

Thank you for sharing your experience Jordane! #weareinthistogether