Suppliers (resellers) across the UK continue to battle the effects of the pandemic on their business and customers. With March lockdown's closing many offices, and customers taking a measured approach to purchases - suppliers have been working very hard to recover.

Owners continue to drive their business forward, relying on fantastic salespeople to ensure their customers have a clear picture of their purchase and amazing staff ensuring their product is installed quickly and performs at its best.

GRENKE work with these suppliers and support their business offering leasing solutions to provide customers with an alternative to cash purchases. 

We value our resellers and their teams dedicated to customer excellence. Those who honour our shared values:

  • Simple - To provide a user-friendly, problem free service.
  • Transparent - To be clear and open in all communications.
  • Personal - To be contactable and present with our customers.
  • Trusted - To uphold honesty and integrity.

One of our resellers who has offices across the U.K., who has been trading continuously for over 25 years, and have been working with Grenke since early 2015 comments:

"Leasing has brought several advantages to our business. Customers who avail of this option are able to put in the “right” system when they need to invest in their systems, and do this in a planned fashion. They don’t have to wait until systems are failing, and they are reacting to problems. This means they don’t have to compromise on the solution, due to the available budget.  

This generally results in an increase in overall order value, and therefore margin, over what they may have initially been able to afford. Some clients have a rolling facility in place, meaning they are continually keeping their systems up to date. Again, this means continual business for us, and allows the client to keep more cash in his business, by having a fixed cost per month. This allows the client to proceed with projects that they may not otherwise have done.

Working with GRENKE has enabled us to provide clients with leasing facilities, with minimal interruption to the sales process. There is an on-line proposal system, with quick decisions, and E-Signature contracts to speed up the process. 

Leasing also means we are paid quickly, once we have supplied the solution and it has been signed off by the client, usually within 48 hours.  This has a positive effect on our own cash flow."

Thank you to those resellers who promote our solutions, explain our hire agreement and the leasing journey fully and continue to deliver the best for their customer. We value your business and look to a long and happy business relationship.

If you share our values and wish to offer more options to your customer, become a GRENKE Reseller.