GRENKE finance equipment in all shapes and size across a vast range of industries.

Want to know what we’ve been leasing recently? From beauty, to laboratory, to waste, to food manufacturing, there is leasing to meet the demands of any industry.


We funded this year:

  • Kenburn Waste Baler – are used for baling recyclable material into solid, space saving blocks. This reduces the space needed for waste storage, reduces the cost of waste collection and reduces the time spent on disposing of waste effectively and responsibly.
  • Billi Quadra Sparkling – a three in one tap which offers boiling, chilled and sparkling water. The multi-functional taps are energy saving, being more efficient and offering a higher capacity.
  • POLARstar OPTIMA Multidetection Microplate Reader – a laboratory instrument that is used to measure chemical, biological or physical reactions.
  • A N+N 180LTR Paddle Mixer - Food processing machine for mixing up to 8000 liters volume! From beef burgers to sandwich fillings, the mixing time is less than two minutes. Quick and effective.


Are you an equipment supplier? Offering asset finance can remove the “price objection” and is also a great way to broaden your market reach and close more sales. Read the advantages of becoming a GRENKE reseller here.