“Whether a manufacturer produces office equipment, 3D printers, cleaning apparatus, metal bending machinery, cutting and resurfacing units or a CNC kit – GRENKE can provide the optimum solutions”

As stated in this recent report by The Manufacturer, the UK is ranked the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world and post any COVID-19 losses, companies need to be looking at cost-effective options that will allow them to flourish once more.

It was challenging times before Covid-19 with the decline in the copier / printer industry with the progression of devices reducing the need to print for reading or circulation. With manufacturers looking to find new revenue streams, new assets and digital solutions are needed to support their direct business or suppliers across the country.

Whether a manufacturer creates a 3D printer, safety equipment, cleaning apparatus, metal bending machinery, cutting and resurfacing units or a CNC kit – GRENKE can provide the optimum requirements.


How does equipment leasing benefit the manufacturer?

For those manufacturers that sell through suppliers, creating a lease partner relationship offers benefits to the suppliers, which in turn benefits the manufacturer.

By providing customers with an optional funding method, the pinch point of price can be removed. Leasing offers the customer planned, predictable fixed costs over an extended period. Customers can upgrade their technology to meet their business needs and make vital equipment investments to stay head of their competition. Leasing sells itself.

Equipment leasing is diverse. Many new assets are lease friendly. If manufacturers are looking to bring in new revenue streams, they may be eligible to lease.

Leasing futureproofs. Within a lease, there is room to upgrade equipment within the lifetime of the agreement. If halfway through a 5 year agreement, a more suitable asset is developed by the manufacturer, a customer can simply upgrade.

GRENKE work with manufacturers and suppliers across the country, securing the sales of equipment. We value a strong supplier relationship with local teams supporting local businesses. Our countrywide branch network builds a trusted connection to the manufacturers and suppliers we work with.

Adapt or fail. A statement fully embraced during this time in the manufacturing industry. If the ability to diversify your assets is limited, diversifying your funding options, may be the key to survival.

Leasing could just be the only solution for your business.

If your business manufactures, perhaps an equipment leasing solution could offer your sales team the payment option they need to secure the purchase? Keep the cash flowing in your company, whilst being able to offer the best!

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