“When putting the ultimate safety equipment in place, businesses can not only expect an increase in productivity, they can enjoy a happier, more fulfilling working environment and may even save lives. Suppliers offering safety equipment will need to consider the financial impact on their customers during the pandemic”


Safety measures since COVID-19

In the current climate, there is more focus on remaining healthy and safe than ever before. The government have started to encourage certain industries to return to their place of business where they cannot work from home, with guidance on how to do this safely.

If there is one element that a business cannot compromise on, it’s this. Putting people in jeopardy during their working day is unthinkable. Individuals must feel secure when carrying out their jobs and be assured that their wellbeing is of foremost concern to an employer. Whether that’s the employer investing in PPE or protective screens for workers, or having to rearrange their office space and equipment to accommodate social distancing, this would not have been calculated for ahead of the pandemic.

Those employees who have been home-based or furloughed will be nervous to return to their working environment and assuring them of their wellbeing during this vulnerable time is paramount.


Safety measures before the pandemic

From 2018-2019 close to 1.5 million people suffered from a work-related illness in the UK, as reported here by the Health And Safety Executive government department.

As the report states, causes of these fatalities were varied - many involved machinery, vehicles or falling from heights. 

How can businesses improve on these scary statistics in future years? The answer lies in suppliers providing the best safety equipment on the market, the most up-to-date and site-specific as can be obtained, with financial offers to support changing demands.

Leasing equipment is the smartest and most economical option for any responsible business, but post-pandemic it may be the only option. Suppliers offering leasing can give companies access to state-of-the-art provisions, which can be updated according to regulations or necessity in the least amount of time. 

Safety equipment is a broad term. What does it encompass? Of course it is very much industry specific. Are employees handling or exposed to chemicals? How physical are their day-to-day tasks? Are they operating machinery or driving? Or are they desk-based?

Does your product facilitate the safety of a workforce? Can and does it save lives? The products are there, but they are costly – for a reason. They do the job well.

Perhaps more business can have access to life saving equipment whether it be Quality Management video surveillance, lifting equipment or safety shields – they have access to payment options with GRENKE.

By placing safety first, businesses can see their workforce return comfortably in the knowledge they are valued, and safe, helping increase productivity and aid the recovery back to financial health.

GRENKE is an experienced partner to suppliers across the safety industry, allowing customers the option to invest in equipment through tougher climates and beyond.

Want to offer more options to your customer, and help offer businesses in the UK a safe return for their colleagues, plus protection from workplace accidents?  Become a GRENKE Reseller.