“The call for increased security measures, be they tracking units, internal and external CCTV monitors, identification readers or video intercoms, is a realistic one”

These challenging times have the majority of employees working from home.

However, from 1 August the opportunity for companies to invite workers back into the office environment was granted.

Conditions remain far from the norm. Employee arrival and departure times often need to be staggered; social distancing needs to be observed within the office, and taking public transport to and from the workplace can present a challenge.

This report written on 1 August by BBC2 news details the pressures companies can be under to ensure employee safety; “Under employment law, workers have the right to walk off the job to protect themselves from ‘serious and imminent’ danger,” confirms employment law expert Simon Rice-Birchal. Outlining how it is the employers responsibility to ensure a safe and secure workplace.


What have the British public decided?

Due to the varying predicaments presented to us, many of us have opted to continue working remotely. As reported by The World News platform3, more British employees are opting to work from home than any other major European country. Reporting only just over a third of us going back to our desks.


The issue of security

With activity within offices being at an all-time low and the interiors of once-thriving buildings resembling ghost towns, it raises questions about security.

As there is such little movement within buildings – are companies leaving themselves open to security breaches?

The call for increased security measures; be they tracking units, internal and external CCTV monitors, identification readers or video intercoms, is a realistic one.

The increase in technology can come at a high cost to a business who may already be feeling the financial pinch in these recessive times. Moreover, any additions to security may only be required for a particular period.


The GRENKE response

Here is where recommending leasing equipment becomes the most logical and cost-effective solution for companies seeking further assurance.

GRENKE provided over two hundred security systems to companies throughout the UK in 2019. At GRENKE we have the expertise and knowledge to tailor bespoke packages for companies at a realistic rate.

Not only could this remove mounting financial pressures, safety and security is guaranteed with state-of-the-art equipment. Leasing with high-end providers including Phillips, Dahua and Smart Witness along with other reputable brands.

During these testing times, GRENKE Resellers (equipment suppliers) have the opportunity to offer companies what they need most…security. Financial and business security. For more information about becoming a GRENKE Reseller, contact us today. 


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