Throughout the journey of the sell, there is often a crucial pinch point. A moment when the subject of price reaches the table, and the customers face changes from a positive smile to a glased shocked expression.

Ever heard:

"How much?"

"Not sure this is for me..."

"Are you joking?"

"Not a chance I'm afraid!"

The list goes on. All the hard work in outlining the technological advances, economical advantages, social and environmental benefits and positive impacts your product will have on your customers business - is lost, in a matter of seconds.

We know the value of our resellers products and the sales excellence across their teams, but if the customer doesn't have the capital, it's a no win from the start - or is it?

With GRENKE, that pinch point could be released by offering to finance your products with us. Seems obvious, why not offer more than one form of payment and offer more opportunity to sell?

Offer GRENKE finance and receive payment in full once you have delivered your product to the customer.


So how does it work?

We will purchase the product from you and hire it to your customer. We take on the credit risk and the management of their hire agreement.

You deliver your usual service excellence.

Why not download Benefits of Leasing to see what GRENKE can do for your business? 

If you need help with your pinch point, fill in our contact form and talk to us today.