Why is the Reseller Toolbox unique?

At GRENKE we have provided a central space to share documentation to help you showcase the benefits of leasing and drive increased sales and revenue for your business.

All the documentation you need as a GRENKE Reseller is accessible in the Reseller Toolbox. As well as an introduction to becoming a partner with GRENKE, there is also;

  1. Legal information
  2. Marketing assets
  3. How to guides

The benefits of equipment leasing…

There are a host of benefits of leasing equipment with GRENKE:

// FAST - GRENKE will pay your invoice within 48 hours of receipt

// SALES - Improve your sell-ability with multiple payment options

// PROFIT - Increase your margins and increase your profit

// MORE SALES - Create planned future sales opportunities with upgrade path

// NO RISK - GRENKE take the credit risk

// EVEN MORE SALES - Lock out the competition

The marketing tools we supply in the reseller toolbox are at your disposal to promote your products and share the benefits of leasing with your customers and prospects. There is a wealth of valuable information, from logos to retail cards, and customisable branded material.

Spread the word and fast forward finance with GRENKE! See what other equipment is in the toolbox here.