Many have felt the absence of excitement with the temporary closure of sporting venues during the pandemic.

With the pilot schemes that gradually allow spectators back into grounds still in place, the thrill and exhilaration of witnessing a live sporting event is still very much a possibility.

As the English Football League head of policy John Nagle said to BBC sport: “Football now wishes to see the government give the green light to the return of crowds as originally planned in October, as will be the case in many other European countries including Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Poland and Switzerland... The League is clear in its view that social distancing can be applied safely in football stadia.”

With major tournaments including the Olympics, Euros, Six Nations and Masters set to take place this year instead of last, the financial losses could be regained, as long as the public place their support behind venues and the venues ensure they provide the Health & Safety measures and the security the crowds are looking for. 


The impact of closures

It no secret that this crucial area of entertainment has suffered significant financial loss since the Covid-19 outbreak and continues to do so. But its not just the major leagues and arenas suffering. 

National League chairman Brian Barman, chimes in “Unlike the upper echelons of English professional football, the National League restart depends upon crowds being allowed back in stadiums as live attendance is by far the largest source of income... in the absence of a credible pathway for the return of spectators, it is feared that clubs could suffer severe economic hardship, and that community assets may fall out of use.”

And this impact is shared amongst many of the clubs that hold communities together, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Boules and all manner of Village Sporting Clubs.


Need a clean sheet?

With sporting positivity, we cheer on those clubs and venues across the country looking to make the most of the summer games. If there is essential equipment that are vital to maximising the success of the team, or the venues ability to host, we are here to support. 

GRENKE is pleased to lease key equipment to those sporting businesses. We can provide finance for the latest in sound technology, reception equipment and telecomms, new refridgerators for club bars, fitness equipment to keep the team at their peak fitness or lighting to extend training times.  


Lifting our spirits post lockdown

Euphoria, hope and inclusion are all emotions we humans experience while watching a live sporting event and the impact it can have on our wellbeing cannot be marginalised.

In this telling report by The Medical Daily, the impact attending a sporting event can have is made clear: “[It] allows a feeling of connection and community without verbal communication or the need to directly talk,” says Dr Jesse Henson, director of Helix Healthcare Group.

“When we want to escape work and other real life stressors, it can be nice to turn our undivided attention to sports. Doing so allows us to experience a collective glory when our team does well, and gives us hope for better even when they don’t,” the site goes on to say.

With 2020 being such a challenging year, and 2021 yet to be confirmed, experiencing the roar of an enthusiastic crowd again could be just the ticket. With resellers recommending leasing equipment to any sporting institution, this sector should be best equipped to thrive once more. Together we can support the sporting sector.

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