As we weather the effects of the pandemic and businesses face the challenges of rebounding and remaining afloat, the margin for error is smaller than ever.

The struggle is far from over with the economy still very much is recovery mode, as tracked here by the Financial Times1


The call for efficiency

This considered, never before has the need for precision, accuracy and delivering a quality product been more desirable. Small mistakes can mean big costs in the world of cutting and manufacturing.

Unfortunately, as reported here by Engineering.com2, human error can be more prevalent here than in any other sector.

Their study includes some alarming statistics, such as 45 per cent of manufacturers acknowledging that there was considerable room for improvement when it comes to proactively preventing problems.

Furthermore, across all sectors, 70 percent of companies admitted that they lack full awareness of when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrade or replacement.

The need for detail and precision in material cutting tools is illustrated further here in an article from Cutting Tool Engineering3 by Dr Scott Smith, a professor and chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of North Carolina.


Support from GRENKE

Since 2019, GRENKE has been providing the cutting industry with the latest technology in cutting, bending and stamping materials. Precision cutting instruments, engraving machines, cutting plotters and measuring apparatus are just some of the equipment GRENKE is able to offer to this sector.

With access to the most advanced machinery, companies can be confident that errors during this challenging time are dramatically minimised or better still, non-existent.

Resellers – it’s time to cut in. Become a GRENKE Reseller or simply find out more about your leasing options with GRENKE. 

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