January 2021 saw the launch of the new GRENKE GO Partner Portal, aiding our partners to get instant access to finance from GRENKE. The GO Partner Portal prepares enquiries and calculations, and helps partners keep track of all their enquiries in one place. 

Whilst the customer waits GRENKE Partners can prepare quotes in just a few simple steps, by simply submitting key information about the asset, supplier and customer and your quote (calculation) will be ready in a few minutes. The quote is sent straight to GRENKE and you hear direct from our team without long waiting times. Meanwhile present your quote to your customer instantly with our downloadable 'Proposal Offer'. 

Our intuituve system makes the day-to-day work easier. Each sales employee can log in individually and prepare quotes, with an administrator who can transfer quotes and contracts from one salesperson to another. 

If a customer is not quite ready to make a decision, their quote can be stored safely. When they are ready, quotes and contracts can be filtered by status, sales person and Customer Name. 

Once GRENKE has accepted your quote, hand over your eContract in a manner convienient to you and your customer with our eSignature signing app. 

Fast, Forward, Finance for you and your customer.