The vending machine has come a long way. Once delivering powdery hot drinks and dubious junk food, these nifty office must-haves can now provide for the more discerning palate.

Having undergone a technical revolution, it is now possible for these dispensers to stock everything from high-quality coffee, to healthy snacks, cold drinks and even fresh food.

With UK-based design group K6 1 creating bespoke vending machines for clients such as Moët & Chandon and Tiffany, any stigma surrounding these conveniences is certainly a thing of the past. 


Providing accessibility alongside safety

Many of the workforce are now considering when they may be making their way back into offices over the country after lockdown.

Naturally companies are aiming to embrace a new level of vigilance when it comes to the continuing health and safety of their staff and are determined to avoid any breach in health security.


Recommended take-away policies

After some controversy, it was confirmed by cabinet minister Brandon Lewis that face masks must be worn when purchasing take-away coffee or food.

As reported here recently by the Evening Standard2, Mr Lewis conveyed the message: “You should wear face masks if you are in shops or supermarkets... if you’re going in to buy a product and leaving again, then you are treating it like a shop, and you should be wearing a face mask.”

Further guidelines on recommended food and hygiene practises are stated here on the government website. Along with observing social distancing, sanitising after being in a public place and after touching high-contact surfaces such as shop counters, is advised.  


Keeping things in-house

With the above recommendations being made clear, leasing vending machines that can provide everything that any local coffee shop can is a savvy solution.

Not only will keeping these elements in-house be conducive to a safer environment, but it is likely to increase productivity, lessening the need for employees to leave the office when the need for a caffeine or food fix inevitably arrives.

Options that focus on maintaining employee health and maximising productivity should be a company’s overriding considerations.

While we all try to re-establish, it’s the little changes that may have great impact.


Key investments without the capital outlay

Nice idea, but with the financial instability of businesses nationwide, the option of purchasing a shiny new dispenser may not be available to most.

If your company is looking for a vendor finance option, perhaps GRENKE may be the partner you are looking for. Asset financing with GRENKE gives your customer access to the latest in vending at an affordable rate over a fixed term.

Speak to our team today and choose a financial solution that suits your business.



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