You have to keep doing what you do best: prospecting, building a pipeline, nurturing relationships, establishing new connections, having great conversations, and asking thoughtful questions.

During this time of year, it’s easy to feel disengaged, get distracted and lose focus on what you can be doing now to close out the year and set yourself up for success in the new one.

Time to achieve the short term and consider the long term, use your time wisely and balance your sales activities to reflect those goals.

Short term, you want a sale to close today, but in the long term, the pipeline needs filing with opportunities to close out in the new year.



GRENKE have gathered five tips to help your team squeeze out the last little bit of motivation so you can end the year on a high note and fully enjoy that much-needed and well-deserved time off. 



Believe it or not, December is a great time for prospecting. 

Many customers have more time and a desire for ideas and solutions to help them make a difference in their business for the coming year.  

Ideally, you want an appointment in December so you can get the conversation started, but the next best thing is a meeting for the first few weeks of January.  

Try this: Pick up the phone. Your customers are inundated with emails, so why would you want to add to the inbox clutter? 

If it goes to voicemail, leave a very short message that references one benefit your solution will provide for them. It’s your chance to remind prospects to include you in their plan for next year. 

Continuing your prospecting and outreach efforts throughout the month of December will help kickstart your pipeline and put you in a much stronger sales position for the first quarter. 



Take a look at your sales pipeline, specifically opportunities with 50% or better chances of closing — can any still be won? 

Let’s say you’re revisiting an opportunity that’s sitting in your pipeline at 50%, which means you’re waiting for a yes/no decision. Think back to the last conversation you had with this prospect. Did they mention anything that you could use to adjust the proposal or make a more compelling counter-offer? 

There’s a reason this opportunity is in your pipeline. You targeted it. You qualified it. You moved it forward. And at some point, the prospect thought it was a good idea too. They believed your product or service could provide value to their business.

Don’t give up so easily!

Try this: Add a “sweetener” to encourage the prospect to move forward this month. Offer another way to pay? Spread the cost with asset finance options with GRENKE. 

That's definitely worth a call to let your customers know your new finance facility. Become a GRENKE Partner today!