Could CCTV technology be a solution to managing the return of the workforce to the office? Could these new developments in security and surveillance be a new norm in our office receptions, retail spaces and daily lives?

  • Thermal camera to detect elevated temperatures on arrival and ensure additional testing is completed before entry.
  • Surveillance based solutions for occupancy counting and social distancing
  • Facial recognition technology to provide detection of when facial coverings are not being used.
  • Access controls for occupancy management
  • Remote monitoring of vacant spaces
  • Contact Tracing

As the world of security evolves, security and surveilance companies can offer so much more than preventing theft. However, protection against pandemics and whatever may wish a businesses assets harm comes at a price. 

The GRENKE solution

Could financing the latest technology and equipment be the only option available to those businesses hard pressed to find any spare capital to invest?

At GRENKE we have the expertise and knowledge to tailor bespoke financial solutions for security and surveillance equipment. Both those selling and those buying could benefit from leasing solutions. 

The state of the art technology is accessible with flexible and affordable payments over a preferred leasing term. 

Want to become a GRENKE Reseller and have the opportunity to offer companies what they need to get back to normaiity, contact us today.