Introduce yourself?

My name is Steve Delamere and I have been with GRENKE since 2018 although I been part of the business finance industry since 1986.


How do you fit into the world of GRENKE?

I have two hats within my role;

1. Credit risk responsibility for credit underwriting of Customer and debtor requests, and

2. Operational risk for compliance to agreed procedures.


What is the most important part of your role?

We must ensure that our facilities are provided to financially sound businesses and in turn that their customers (our debtors) are financially sound to repay us. We must also ensure that our processes are followed smoothly and efficiently to ensure that we are repaid for advances we make.


Why are GRENKE different when it comes to our risk process for clients?

We take a considered approach to agreeing a facility with a four-eye check ensuring fairness and impartiality. There is no ‘one size fits all’.


How can we make a difference to UK businesses in this current economic climate?

Our product is simple – it helps speed up the working capital cycle, which enables businesses to get on and grow their businesses.





What is your forecast for the UK and how does this impact your work?

I think the UK is entering a period of uncertainty and businesses are generally hesitant about dealing with new clients or growing their exposure to existing clients. Cash is king and our facility can help take away much of the anxiety that they may be feeling. Of course all that is happening is the risk of non-payment by the debtor moves from the customer to us and hence this impacts my work when assessing increasing demands for higher credit limits for customers and their debtors.


Can you offer an example of when your attention to detail helped solve a problem for GRENKE?

During the recent COVID pandemic lockdowns, I took an action to review all debtors on our books to ensure they were financially strong enough to weather that particular storm – this significantly lowered the risk of loss from debtor failure due to the pandemic and has stood us in good stead now that it is behind us.


How do you stay current on the latest developments and trends in our finance sector?

Regular review of sector trade magazines.


What recommendations could you make to those interested in cash flow solutions?

Speak to one of our sales managers – they have the expertise to tailor a facility that works for the client and we have the flexibility to try to underwrite the deal they want.


As a risk specialist, what is the risky activity you have ever attempted / completed?

I identify the risk and take the decision whether to accept that level of risk or not and if I do then minimize the impact of it. So when it comes to my risky activity – I reckon abseiling down a 200ft cliff face on the north west coast of Wales is pretty much up there!