Introduce yourself?

I am Ailsa Ritchie.  I joined GRENKE in April 2017, working in the industry for 27 years. I was told the day I started, ‘Once you were in the industry, there was no getting out’ - this has proven to be very true!


What is your role at GRENKE?

I am the Branch Leader for the newly rebranded branch, London & Northern Home Counties.


How do you identify your goals for your team?

Look at the targets set for the Branch and then we divide and conquer together as a team. With us working together, we continue to achieve where we need to be.


When it comes to competition, what is your approach?

Treat them with the respect they are due.  When I first started in the industry, solid advice was to never say anything bad about your competition, as that only highlights to your customer that you find them a threat to your business and what you do.



No ‘I’ in team – your thoughts?

Clearly there is not grammatically. But in the real work there must not be a I in team, or there is no point in the team at all. We can only achieve if the entire team is all moving as one in the right direction.


What is the Golden Rule for Sales?

To never give up, make one more call, knock on one more door, send one more email.  That one may be the golden opportunity that you have been waiting for.


Which is more important – transparency or efficiency?

I believe that transparency is key. Clarity and openness with both your internal and external customers can be the only way to achieve efficiency.


If you were Master of the Universe for a day, what one thing would you change?

I would have a universal Yes day for Ailsa, so any question, query or request I make you would have to say Yes to for 24 hours.


What’s the one rule you personally live by?

To always, be true to myself.