What was your first ever job?

When I was 15 I had two jobs – I had a paper round and I worked in a restaurant. I saved the money I earned and I used it to buy my first car when I was 17. I bought it from my mum, but sadly I crashed it two weeks later … but no one could tell me off as it was all my mine. The car was left with a ‘scar’ on its light! It definitely taught me about the value of money.


Describe your role at GRENKE.

I am UK Programme Manager. GRENKE has 10 branches in the UK and I co-ordinate the different industry sectors and cross-border relationships. For example, I work closely with GRENKE’s International Business Desk (IBD) which co-ordinates cross border business around the group. I’m the first port call for UK businesses interested in leasing and I work out how we can service the customer best by matching them up with the most suitable team.


What do you love most about your job and why?

I am a problem solver and I enjoy finding the right solutions for our resellers and customers. I’ve been at GRENKE for 8.5 years now and I’ve loved watching the business grow. When I first joined I looked after the Yorkshire area and I worked from the Manchester office. But the amount of business we were generating in the area grew so quickly that we had to segment it and create a separate Leeds branch.

Above all, GRENKE has a great business culture – it’s all about team work.


What is the best business idea you have ever had?

Probably working with the international partners and coming up with a fluid process for cross border business. The best customer experience is at the heart of what we do and we focused on improving speed, efficiency and accuracy of cross border opportunities.


What is your most random impulse buy?

On a whim, my wife and I bought a dilapidated old barn – it was a stone barn that was falling down and needed renovation. The estate agent said I needed vision!!


What is your favourite quote and why?

What starts well, ends well! It says it all …. And it’s all in the preparation and the planning.


Which historical figure would you most like to meet and why?

Winston Churchill. He persuaded the people that what they had was worth fighting for.


What’s your favourite type of music and why?

One of the first concerts I went to see was B.B. King and it changed my view of the world! He was so inspirational and charismatic and sang about life and paying your dues – to sing the blues you’ve got to pay your dues! It also brings back great memories of my dad – I was 16 years old when he took me to this concert and 16 years later I took him to see B.B. King again to return the favour.