Answer as many as you can in 2 minutes!


  1. In which country was rugby invented?


  1. What is the maximum number of points that can be scored by a team in a single play?

7 if you include the conversion in the same play

  1. What is the term used for restarting play after the ball has gone out of bounds?

Line out

  1. Which country has won the most Rugby Union World Cups?

South Africa

  1. What is the name of New Zealand’s national rugby team?

All Blacks

  1. How many players are there on a rugby union team?


  1. What is the trophy awarded to the winner of the Rugby Union World Cup called?

Webb Ellis Cup

  1. Which country hosted the first Rugby Union World Cup in 1987?

New Zealand and Australia

  1. Who is the all-time top try scorer in Rugby Union?

Bryan Habana

  1. How many points is a drop goal worth in rugby union?


  1. In which position does the player wearing the number 2 jersey usually play?


  1. Which team won the first ever Rugby Sevens World Cup?


  1. How many players are on a rugby sevens team?


  1. What is the term used to describe tackling an opponent by grabbing them above the shoulders?

High Tackle

  1. Which country’s rugby team are known as the “Springboks”?

South Africa

  1. Who won the Golden Boot at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

Handre Pollard

  1. Which country hosted the 2015 Rugby World Cup?


  1. What is the nickname of the Australian national rugby team?


  1. Who is the highest-scoring player in the history of the Rugby Union World Cup?

Dan Carter

  1. In which year was rugby officially introduced to the Olympic Games?


  1. Which team performs the famous war dance, the “Haka,” before matches?

New Zealand


  1. What is the term used when a player illegally prevents the opposition from playing the ball with their hands or arms?

Killing the ball

  1. What is the oldest rugby competition in the world?

Six Nations

  1. What is the name of the prestigious rugby match played annually between England and Scotland?

The Calcutta Cup

  1. What is the name of the attacking formation often used by teams to create an overlap and exploit space on the field?


  1. What does the term ‘maul’ refer to in rugby?

A ball carrier and at least one other player from each team, bound together and on their feet

  1. When did the International Rugby Board (now World Rugby) adopt rugby’s current five-point try scoring system?


  1. England’s Rugby League team is known as:


  1. Which stadium is the home of the French national rugby team?

Stade de France

  1. Who holds the record for the most international appearances in Rugby Union?

Alun Wyn Jones

  1. Which nation won the first-ever rugby tournament at the 2016 Olympic Games after the sport’s reintroduction?

New Zealand

  1. Which team won the 2018 Women’s Rugby World Cup?

New Zealand

  1. Which player has scored the fastest try in international rugby?




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Incorrect Answers:

4. New Zealand

9. Daisuke Ohata

19. Jonny Wilkinson

20. 1900

23. The Calcutta Cup

27. 1992

31. Fiji


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