What do you do at GRENKE?

Vicky: Internal Sales is such a varied role – we do underwriting, process contracts, talk to the resellers and deal with customer queries which can range from sending out DocuSign documents, equipment upgrades, transfers of asset ownership.

Janet: You need a healthy dose of common sense because you never know what you might be doing next.


What do you love most about your job and why?

Vicky: I love processing the paperwork and seeing a transaction through from start to finish. I’ve always liked it. It’s so satisfying when you get to the end and it’s all done!

Janet: I agree with Vicky! I also like dealing with the resellers. We have a great relationship with them and our customers. And if any of them have a query, we’re here to help. Listening is a really important skill so that we can understand how we can assist.


During your career, what’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

Janet: Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, speak up.

Vicky: Also, there’s no such thing as a silly question.

What’s been your greatest achievement at GRENKE?

Vicky: Perfecting thinking on my feet and rising to a challenge. Not being put off by new situations and bouncing ideas off people.

Janet: Learning new processes very quickly. And being able to adapt quickly and efficiently especially as technology changes. Covid was particularly challenging because neither of us wanted to work from home. But now we have hybrid working we quite enjoy the flexibility. It was a just such a sudden change.


What’s your favourite GRENKE memory?

Vicky and Janet: Meeting with one another! Strangely we used to work at the company before we started at GRENKE. We knew the same people and we even worked on the same floor, but we never met. At least, not that we can remember!


Have you ever done anything daring?

Janet: I jumped off a huge rock – about 3 buildings high – when I was on holiday in Cyprus once. It was part of an organised trip, but my legs had gone to jelly. I did the jump with someone I’d just met on the trip. It was amazing but I would never do it again!

Vicky: I went shark fishing in Cuba. I didn’t catch a shark but I caught two Mahi-Mahi fish which we were enormous. They were so beautiful we named them Maurice and Maud!


What’s your favourite time of day and why?

Vicky: Well I love food, so when it’s food time! I love a jacket potato with cheese.

Janet: Bedtime because I love just chilling out!


Name your favourite cocktail.

Janet: A Cosmopolitan.

Vicky: A Cuba Libre.


If a genie offered you a wish, what would you wish for?

Vicky:  An exotic holiday – somewhere like the Seychelles. I’d love the white sand, the heat, and not having to do anything. My idea of heaven.

Janet: Yes, I’d have to go for a nice holiday too. May be New Orleans or Texas – I’m fascinated by both places and their vibe, and I’d love the cuisine.


Fun facts?

Vicky: I managed to smash the front door of the GRENKE Birmingham branch with my knee. A complete accident and fortunately, the landlord thought it was very funny! I was mortified at the time, but now I laugh about it.

Janet: I’ve got a new dog called Otis and we dress him up in fancy dress – so he’s been a dinosaur and a cow in his time already!