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It’s not just about your commitment to your patients – the finances of your practice, clinic or care facility need to be healthy too. GRENKE has just the right prescription for financing and liquidity.

Most institutions in the healthcare sector are subject to specific constraints. Is your financial leeway extremely limited by standard rates, flat-rate charges and regulations, too? And are you faced with considerable pressure to operate profitably?

GRENKE allows you to focus entirely on your core work of medicine and care. As an experienced partner to the healthcare industry, we know how to stabilise your cash flow. Whether you are looking to acquire a practice or lease medical equipment. Together, we will find a customised solution to your specific challenge.

A partnership of equals

Demographic change and breakthroughs in treatments and cures all mean that healthcare will become an ever more important sector in the future. At the same time, pressures on innovation and efficiency are mounting. And so, too, is the demand for professional financial consulting for doctors, hospitals and care facilities. That’s precisely what we’re here for. Let’s talk.

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No matter what your needs, our solution-finder will help you to find a service that fits your company perfectly.

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Optimally equipped

Having state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment gives your institution a major advantage. We have just the right solution for procurement of medical equipment: leasing.

Fully funded

Ensuring your business can continue to serve its patients with the constant worry of outstanding payments, sound familiar? We have best medicine to ease those financial burdens: invoice finance.


Your needs are unique, and so is our offer.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We don't hide behind email or in our offices. We will come see you and work through your ideas together.

Popular products for the healthcare sector

Still not entirely sure how we can help you? Learn about specific products that release cash into your business or allow you to make key investments whilst keeping capital where it belongs - in your business.