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GRENKE for manufacturing

Globalisation, digitalisation, industry 4.0 – your company’s success depends on taking strategic decisions and acting quickly. You can have all the freedom you desire with tailor-made financing solutions from GRENKE. 

New technology creates new markets. Drastic system disruptions call for new solutions. Solutions for mobility, energy generation, product design and information sharing, for example. What challenges is your company facing? 

Whether you are looking to make your production more flexible, connect your branch network or improve your customer experience – innovation is always associated with financial risks. GRENKE grows with you. Our leasing and invoice finance solutions can be as global and flexible as you want them to be. And we can work as closely with you as you want.

Specialised in diversity

Whether it be mechanical engineering or the chemical industry – our financial advisers are familiar with the diverse requirements and challenges of your industry. We will work with you to find the right solution to your financing needs. For example, when it comes to equipment leasing.

Your ideas. Our solutions.

No matter what your needs, our solution-finder will help you to find a service that fits your company perfectly.

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You need to have continued cash flow if you want to invest in your company. But you don’t need to deal with invoices and payment periods for this. Just leave it to us. With invoice finance from GRENKE.

Say yes to more business

You need to invest to ensure you can complete the larger customer requests heading your way. But need to keep the capital safely within the business. GRENKE have the solution: leasing.



Your needs are unique, and so is our offer.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We don't hide behind email or in our offices. We will come see you and work through your ideas together.

Popular products for manufacturing

Still not entirely sure how we can help you? Learn about specific products that release cash into your business or allow you to make key investments whilst keeping capital where it belongs - in your business.