It's critical that businesses stay on top of technology in the twenty-first century. But at the same time, liquidity and cashflow need to be carefully managed. That's where Equipment Leasing can make all the difference. 

Lease of Life

Learn more about the untapped potential of Equipment Leasing. Lease of Life explores the benefits gained from over 40 years experience in the industry and is based on research gathered from over 600 SME businesses. Our Report includes two real-life client success stories, and provides practical advice on how it can drive growth and in doing so strengthen the financial health of UK businesses.


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Round Table Discussion: Leeds, 23 November 2023

GRENKE Leasing commissioned a Report, Lease of Life, to gain a greater understanding of how SMEs approach their critical financial decisions. The Report explores the impact that alternative finance, in particular Leasing, has on SMEs and on the wider ...

Report: how leasing can transform your productivity and profitability

The UK economy has been through a difficult period. High inflation, a cost-of-living crisis and a staggered bounce back from Covid-19 have all played a part in slowing economic recovery. But as we ...

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