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Bill & Collect

Need an easy billing format thats transparent for you and your customer? Well we can help with our Bill & Collect service. 

One Payment: leasing plus service

GRENKE collect both our leasing payment plus your maintenance charge in one invoice payment. We then forward to you the maintence, free of charge. Easy for you, easy for your customer!

The simpler the better

You offer service for customer's equipment. They have made the right choice and are leasing through GRENKE. However,  your customer now has two transactions, one to GRENKE and one to you for maintenance. Complicated, it needn't be. Bill & Collect from GRENKE allows us to act as your agent to collect your maintenance charge and send it to you free of charge.


In most cases the payment will be sent to you  in advance of the maintenance service being completed by your business, leaving you cash positive! Fast and cash flow friendly.


How does Bill & Collect work?

 GRENKE provides the financing for your assets and your service partner supplies the services. And for your customer, it couldn't be simpler. The maintenance charge is displayed on their contract alongside the equipment - where is should be.

Your GRENKE contact

Do you have any more questions about Bill & Collect? Our contacts will provide you with answers. Simply enter your location to find your local contact.

GRENKE: experience builds trust

Sometimes things can be so simple. With GRENKE, it’s always simple. Because we know exactly what we’re doing. Bill & Collect is just one of the many examples.

Our business is to boost your business.

Our experience with SMEs has taught us a thing or two: mainly how businesses work and what they need. Which is why we have set ourselves the aim of providing solutions that take the weight off entrepreneurs’ shoulders. 

An overview of the benefits

One rate for leasing plus service sounds good. But GRENKE can do even more:


You decide the service level with a financial solutions partner you trust.


Both charges are shown clearly  on your customers invoice.

Easy to plan

Receive your maintanence charge in advance of planning the service.


Signing the documents is easy with eSignature.