Matt Colleer, Laura D'Souza, Joe Endacott, Courtney Jones, Izzy Minor and Merlin Rowlands will spend time in various sales and administration teams gaining valuable industry, customer and business knowledge.

James Williamson, Managing Director of Factoring, said: "Our first apprenticeship scheme recruitment has been a great success. We look forward to supporting them in their professional and personal advancement. They will be a great asset to our business. Our staff have been very welcoming and they will quickly become a valuable part of the teams they work with. I am delighted by the proactive and enthusiastic mind set of our first six apprentices. They all have very bright futures here at GRENKE."

Our apprentices will be guided by our new Apprentice Coordinator, Jordane Boobyer, who will be supporting them throughout their journey by incorporating criticial skills such as communication and building customer relationships, alongside the technical knowledge of our financial solutions such as cash flow and asset financing.

We look forward to sharing more of their journey here at GRENKE.