We asked Armand Roux, Sales Director in our Factoring division, to answer some questions and share his top tips over his past 10 years of sales experience!

Why is sales the best career for you?

Sales is solution & client requirement driven. To be able to support clients through our sales team is rewarding, as you can visualise and implement solutions to support each unique requirement.

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t be a busy fool!

What is your main learning from your years in sales?

Structure weeks to be both long and short term focussed and not lose sight of the bigger picture or short term productivity.

Short cuts can be tempting, but in the Sales environment, short cuts can also be costly.

Are there any other golden nuggets you’d like to share?

Accountability is a big one in a sales team environment. If you are committed to delivering “something” as part of a team, then make sure you do it to the best of your ability. Otherwise it was pointless.

Self-development is also high up the list for sales individuals, don’t stagnate. Like the saying goes, “If you keep doing what are doing, then you keep achieving what you are achieving”.

Thank you sharing Armand!

What are the key lessons you've learnt over the years?