We asked Liam Coleman, Branch Leader of Bristol, to answer some questions and share his top tips over his past 10 years of sales experience!

Why is sales the best career for you?

I love the negotiation and I love people. I enjoy working seamlessly with my resellers, building strong relationships and I enjoy meeting new customers. There’s no better sense of success than when you accomplish all that you set out to achieve. 

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

Be more patient and listen to people with more experience. 



What is your main learning from your years in sales?

Firstly, to be more patient and listen to people with more experience!!! There is always someone who can contribute to your learning and guide you through the tough times.

Know your product inside and out. It’s the only way to succeed. Lastly, never be scared to say no. Hardest task in the world of sales.

Are there any other golden nuggets you’d like to share?

Always follow up on what you agreed on. In writing. In stone.

Be positive, confident in your ability, and it's very important to have fun along the way. Time flies when you are having fun.