Working life has been vastly different for everyone in 2020, both on a personal and professional level. At GRENKE, we wanted to hear the experiences of our staff, and what how their working life has altered.

We speak with GRENKE London’s Apprentice, Matthew Colleer, about his experience of continuing his apprenticeship during covid-19. As he sees it…

How has lockdown been for you?

Although it has had a huge impact on everyone, lockdown has been okay for me. The changes have not been too big and I have managed to cope.

How has your apprenticeship been affected?

Due to working from home I have not been able to see my apprenticeship tutor face-to-face. However, I have been able to continue our meetings via Zoom and complete the majority of the work set out - despite not being in the office.

Many of your school friends are experiencing this year in different ways – what has been the benefit of being an apprentice at GRENKE?

The main benefit would have to be the job security, as many of my friends have been out of work over the holidays and are currently dealing with the challenges and stresses of returning to university. Working with GRENKE has been great as we have the ability to operate and work from home, which also allows me to continue my apprenticeship work.

What have been your priorities in the last month or so?

At the start of September, I was preparing for a return to work in October… However after the government guidance changed, I am continuing to work from home. My main priority has been working hard to ensure our new Account Manager has settled in and has all the right information to take over his predecessors accounts. Which, up until this point, I had been managing since July, as well as helping our team hit our quarterly targets! 

What do you hope for the rest of 2020 at work?

I hope GRENKE, along with the rest of the country, can recover from this year. I will continue to work as hard as possible to help us bounce back, maintain our growth and to impress my managers and colleagues throughout the remainder of my apprenticeship.

Thank you for sharing your experience Matthew. #weareinthistogether