We are celebrating a decade of our beloved Bristol team supporting SMEs across the South West. This team has been a source of professionalism, excellence, performance and fun since the day it opened in July 2010. 

When the doors opened, Liam Coleman was there and has been the driving force behind the branches success. A force on the golf course, and off, Liam has led the team and supported our resellers with his experience, positive attitude and friendly character. His wing men, Scott Newton and Chris Mills, ensure that the business goes from strength to strength. 

Our Internal Team, Justyna Winiewska and Linda Stephanou have ensured all our customers received service excellence addressing all enquiries and requests with speed, dynamism and understanding. 

This teams dedication to not only business, but the team has seem them involved in Charity Cycles, team wellbeing programmes and a lot of Christmas Spirit. 

Happy Anniversary to the whole team!



As part of our celebrations for our Bristol 10 Years, we are running #10yearsofsales.

Sales can be rewarding, but a little stressful at times. Our colleagues professionalism and experience is the greatest asset we have. Thank you to them for dedicating their careers to sales.

The faces may have changed, but its that experience that we are proud to have on our team. 

If you would like to share the experience on your team and join the #10yearsofsales, simply share a "Now and Then" shot on your LinkedIn Profile, Tag @GRENKE_UK and include the hashtag #10yearsofsales. You will be contacted by a member of our team to arrange a Salesmen's Recharge kit (*Note this will include stress relievers).