The government have outlined guidance for employers and included steps in the 2020 budget to support businesses experiencing increases in costs or financial disruptions due to COVID-19.

In this time of heightened uncertainty and tighter financial conditions, how do you keep growing?

One way to ensure survival… Cash flow  

There are two ways to ensure increased cash flow:

1. Asset financing for business health

Even in uncertain times, with the necessity for some to work from home, there is still the need for new equipment, software or better security to protect your investments. There are lots of ways of procuring things that you need for your day-to-day work. Buying them is not always the best way.

With business equipment leasing you have the financial flexibility, giving your business more freedom to respond in uncertain times.

2. Invoice financing for short-term cash flow

Invoice financing allows businesses to sell its invoices and receive the invoice amount straight away without having to wait for them. Passing on your receivables management and receiving payments within 24 hours again gives you the flexibility you may need to ensure business survival. Turn this pandemic into opportunity and set better payment terms to win new business.

Just ask – we are here to help

As an experienced financing partner our leasing and invoice financing solutions give you the freedom and the time you need to keep you one step ahead when you most need it, in time just like these!

Learn more about how GRENKE can help keep your business with cash flow.