Speaking with many business owners, at GRENKE we know that the investment in starting and running your company is high. Not only financially, but also emotionally. It can be hard to switch off, to stop playing over different scenarios…or being shocked or surprised by the unexpected.

What if I had more financial investment? How could I turn the business around? Are my employees following the same goals as me? How can I surprise and delight my customers? How can I grow my business? These are questions many SME’s must ask, but let’s take a deeper look into…


Surprises your growing company may face:

  • IT TAKES TIME – When a business launches, it takes a while for the market to react and notice. Building your brand and business takes investment, both in times and financially. BUT more rewarding when you can send out your first invoice and start seeing signs of growth. Whether that is increasing your online following of your brand, reaching a sales target or the ability to retain more capital in your business. These goals are personal to you.  
  • REVENUE DELAYS - Getting high revenue straight away is a pipedream, and always seems to take longer than planned.
  • UNDERESTIMATING – Can be a surprise to many business owners. Whether that’s on time taking to complete projects, recruit or underestimating costs. Or underestimating the effort it takes to win deals, getting them over the line. It all seems to take longer than anticipated.
  • HIRING IS HARD! It can be shocking how hard it can be to find the right fit for your business, but investing in the right employees is invaluable to help you achieve your goals.
  • WHAT COMPETITORS ARE DOING… It DOES matter! Whether that is a price pinch-point, promotion or marketing activity, what your competitors are doing does impact your company.
  • PAYING FOR WHAT? Those unexpected, unplanned expenses you may not have bargained for e.g. insurance, staff costs above salary. Does your company have enough cash flow to support these costs? And keeping on top of invoices owed whilst waiting for your outstanding invoices to be paid. 

It’s no wonder that with all of these surprises, business owners find themselves working past the 9 to 5 and often affecting their mood and wellbeing.


But what about creating positive surprises…

For your valuable employees or treasured customers. There are certain unexpected gestures that can really resonate and stick in people’s minds… Do you have something in mind when you think about a positive experience with a company?

Maybe a personalised call or message to thank for the custom. A small gift along with the delivery of your service/product. Or a new employee receiving a welcome pack/flowers/chocolates on their first day.

What surprises can you pay forward in your business?