Payment trends and buyer preferences are evolving, and offering equipment leasing is a viable way to attract a larger market base through more affordable options for all important customer.

Many specialist dealers offer their customers a range of financing options as an additional service. They are easy to integrate and offer a wealth of benefits for gaining and retaining customers.

There are many benefits for the reseller (supplier of equipment and services) also:


What are the benefits of leasing as the reseller?

Being able to offer your customers an option to pay monthly, affordable payments vs a large upfront payment is really appealing to many. You can target new markets and often sell better or more equipment.

Closing those sales!


Why is this so important now?

During the pandemic cash flow has been the forefront of many businesses’ minds. As the country reopens, giving the option for customers to pay in monthly instalments and keep capital in their business has never been more crucial. Whilst allowing them to have access to the equipment they need to boost their business.


What can you do to retain the customer?

When the lease terminates you can offer new improved equipment for the same lease payment which your customer is already budgeting for, resulting in more repeat business. Your invoice will be settled by the finance company as soon as the installation takes place. Upsell and keep those all-important customers!

Interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a reseller and how this could work for your business? Speak to one of our team.