Asset financing is an exceptionally valuable tool, which many SMEs should look towards; especially as they action their recovery courses. 

Business Owners and leaders require stability and security for their finances, but without the right hardware and infrastructure to maximise operations and secure business, finances set to continue to be turbulent.

Without touching precious equity, asset finance offers the major benefit that no business or personal assets are put up as a security -  we are not loaning any money – we are providing the asset itself for hire.

GRENKE are continue to finance assets for UK businesses. So what have we funded?

  • Sharp Skywell® 5TE - an atmospheric water generator creates clean water from the air around us. An easy way to lower your impact on the world. Unlike traditional water coolers, it doesn’t use large water bottles – reducing your carbon footprint on vehicle deliveries in addition to storage room required.
  • VetScan VS2 - a state-of-the-art chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and blood gas analyser that delivers uncompromising accuracy from just three drops of whole blood, serum or plasma. With precision reference laboratory quality results in 12 minutes,  its ideal for veterinary clinics.
  • HEY UltraSonic Tank - cleaning technology that provides commercial kitchens with a safe, quick and cost effective way to clean/decarbonise filters and every piece of kitchen equipment.
  • Almas DOC Defibrillator - an ideal solution for socially responsible companies that want to provide this life-saving equipment to protect their employees and customers.
  • CamCleaner CC2000 Aircleaner - an ideal air purification system for Industrial environments. Its adaptable range of filtration options can ensure the removal of airborne contaminants as well as odours and gases from your production facility.

If you have a piece of equipment or hardware which is an essential part of your recovery plans, but requires a significant investment, look to lease it, through our asset finance solution.

Are you an equipment supplier? Offering asset finance could secure your future. A great way to broaden your market reach and close more sales, so read the advantages of becoming a GRENKE reseller here.