Prospects, sitting there. With nothing new or interesting to tell them, such as a new product or service, how can you engage them to make that sale?

Your product range and service is the best, but the fair and reasonable price cannot change - its a pinch point. 

The Pandemic has hit your customers hard, they continue to gain new business but need to diversify and take on more work and head onto the road to recovery. Investments are off the table as as precious capital needs to remain accessible for cash flow

They are stuck - but you have good news. You have decided to partner with GRENKE and now offer a finance facility. They can now access additional equipment to meet the newly won and dearly needed business. That's a call they would happily take. 

Finally those long awaited sales can be made. Receiving payment for your products from GRENKE gives your business the boost it needs. 

GRENKE will provide your customers a simple, transparent leasing journey, and you will continue to provide the equipment, service and maintenance. 

Give your customers something they haven't heard before.... GRENKE.