We have now left the EU, haulage and transport businesses across the UK are being tested. In 2019, over £365billion worth of goods were exported to the EU by over 119,000 businesses. Disruption at the border points could mean delays not only to the goods, but B2B payments, putting UK businesses at risk of cash flow issues and financial stability.  


Ever mounting delays

The UK remains a strong trading partner, with a high demand for export and import from our European market and consumer. Our established haulage businesses across the UK continue to connect our business to the continent. Although impacted by new consignment checks and waiting queues, they continue to be bound, like all businesses, by invoice payment terms.

Delivery completed, invoice issued and then a long wait of up to 90 days before any payment is mandatory. With the pandemic still impacting UK business, the liquidity of the haulage sector is teetering on the edge.

Any delays in the delivery, whether brought about by a pandemic, economic or bad weather will only extend the receipt of payments. In order to keep up with staffing and operational costs to keep fleets moving, these gaps could prove financially fatal.


Bridge the gap

Invoice finance removes waiting on payments. No matter the travel restrictions and delays to your business, once the invoice is issued, receive payment in 24 hours. Leaving the payment terms and collections process to GRENKE.

Our cash flow solutions will keep your business moving and you focused on keeping the UK exports / imports moving. Speak to a member of our team and ensure your businesses financial health and long term company success.