At the heart of our business, the CBO audit team provide the accuracy and consistency across our Agreements and maintain strong working relationships with all our Branches and Head Office departments. 

The team efficiently process a high volume of Agreements every day and key documentation to enable payments to proceed. They identify inconsistencies, ensure all documentation is filed correctly and answer and resolve any queries from the GRENKE team. 

We are supremely grateful for our CBO team, Sam Norton, Hannah Ash and Holly Ayres and their continued commitment to their key role at GRENKE. There have certainly been some challenges and set-backs in 2021, but they continue forward, with positivity and high performance.

Many of our GRENKE colleagues started within our CBO including Ryan Nicks, Martyna Kapciak, Romnick Kearney, Harriet Mundy, Nicola King, Debbie Richards and our Branch Leader, Kirsten Block. Moving to other areas of the business including Sales, Brokers and Administration, those who started in CBO certainly share the love for the department. 

As part of the celebrations of 10 Years of CBO, we officially launch our Annual We Heart CBO Day - the 3rd Thursday in December. 

Thank you and congratluations to our CBO team.