Those who are creative, knowledgable, strategic, independent, confident and motivated have the opportunity to become top salespeople.

Meet Joe Endacott, who is on the way to reaching his potential in this satisfying and interesting career path. So what does the future hold for him? Well, we don't have a crystal ball, but certainly with Joe's personality and go-get attitude, many benefits including:


1. Earning Potential

Sales bonuses offer great earning potential for talented people who are willing to work hard. 

2. Job Security

As an important part of the economy, salespeople facilitate business between companies and well as customer purchases. Many different industries employ salespeople, giving job security regardless of industry. 

3. Work-Life Balance

Salespeople can often set their own work schedules, working to their own limitations, and planning meetings around their lives rather than vice versa.

4. Growth Potential 

There are ample professional development opportunities for salespeople, and companies often prioritise their salespeople to receive additional training. Anyone with a strong work ethic can grow within the field of sales or use their sales acumen to succeed in other roles.

5. Transferrable Skills

Interpersonal communication, persuasion, active listening, creativity, adaptability, trustworthiness and strategic thinking to name a few!



Integrity and Sales

Whilst discussing with Joe, his future in sales, the topic of integrity came up. Sales are not known to go hand in hand with integrity, but more and more customers and businesses value integrity within sales as a key conversion to purchase. What do we mean by integrity?


Selling with integrity means staying compassionate throughout the sales process. Remember, the sale is about and for your prospect. They're the ones taking on the most risk and financial commitment in the transaction. - The Necessity of Sales Integrity, HubSpot



Interview with Joe:

Why do you think integrity is important in sales?

Integrity is one of the most important traits of professionalism. I am able to develop a solid relationship with my GRENKE colleagues, resellers, and customers. The result of keeping integrity throughout my sales process will be happy long-term customers and resellers. It is thinking about the future and the long-term stability of GRENKE and the London team.


What will you do to stick to your own integrity rules? –

  • Believing in the services/product we offer at GRENKE
  • Putting the customer/resellers business first and foremost
  • Remaining honest


Do you think you will be challenged on your integrity?

I face new challenges every day. I discovered that creating a "Don’ts List" has enabled me to overcome any challenges put in front of me. I am confident in what will and won’t achieve a sale in my role. By following through with my commitments and making accurate claims about the services we offer, I will avoid steering off course. 
It may not ring true today, but years ago, popular culture presented salespeople in an unflattering light. The visual was a shady used car salesman who pushed people into buying something they didn’t need, didn’t want, or couldn’t afford.
However, salespeople in today’s world deserve to be viewed differently because sales have changed, and the role of the salesperson has changed. A future in sales is bright! Integrity and trust are the foundation of GRENKE sales training, creating helpers and trusted advisors amongst our team. 
We view sales as an opportunity to help and believe in the financial solutions we offer, leaving Joe to find sales fulfilling and rewarding. Ultimately, leading to his personal and professional success.
Thank you Joe for your time and contribution to this article. We wish him continued success in the London Branch, who are all his biggest fans!