Who are you?

I’m just a gentle giant.


How is your new role at GRENKE going?

I love my role, representing such a great company and helping resellers offer genuine value to their customers - Life couldn’t be better.


What lesson would you pass on to someone looking to take on a role in sales?

Two ears, one mouth, use them in that order!


Why do you love the region you work in?

Because it’s the North West, the capital of the world and home to Man United.


Before a new reseller partner meets you, what should they know?

I am really not as scary as I look.


What gets you up in the morning and keeps you up at night?

My cats, which answers both. Oh and the Fiancée watching Family Guy.


Coffee or Tea?

Peppermint Tea. Cannot stand coffee but don’t tell my Coffee Machine resellers that.


Your ideal weekend?

Somewhere hot or watching my daughter play Football for Astley and Tyldesley FC, she is amazing!


The Genie only gave you one wish – what did you ask for?

A long happy life for my Fiancée, Daughter, my cats and guinea pigs.