Invoice finance can help secure the scale up SMEs are seeking. For business leaders who feel their cash flow is being squeezed, especially as costs rise, it can also help them to find a status quo and return to normal business activity.

Are you concerned about your business’ financial health? SMEs need to keep a constant eye on their liquidity to help them build and maintain a strong financial base. But, it can often be a balancing act while paying for daily operations and waiting for customers to settle sales invoices.


Finding the Funds

Building up strong cash reserves places SMEs in the best position to grow consistently and quickly.

Businesses wanting to add new resources, capital, people or technology to help drive sales and development, and increase revenue at the same time, need the cash to be able to do this.

This is where invoice finance companies like GRENKE can help by paying up to 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours. You can secure those payments and build your cash reserves for future projects.



Scaling Up

It can take a great deal of resources to sustain consistent growth. The key difference with growth and the idea of scaling is that it is achieved primarily by increasing revenue without incurring significant additional costs.

Invoice finance can be an incredibly cost effective way of securing cash flow.  Rather than losing resources internally to chasing payments, a professional receivables management team will work with debtors to secure payment, all for a fixed fee. Furthermore, you can even opt for a selective facility. This means that a business’ management team can choose which of their debtor invoices they would like an invoice finance company like GRENKE’s to purchase.


Grow with GRENKE

Unlike traditional cash flow solutions, invoice finance has a proven ability to be flexible.

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. And the lack of cash is frequently the reason why some businesses fail, even though they may have a strong order book.

If it is critical that certain debtors/invoices are settled more promptly than others then it is possible to focus purely on them. GRENKE’s Account Managers discuss the specific issues that clients are facing in order to put together the best and most suitable solution. Our modular product line offers our clients the support they need.

GRENKE offer an exemplary invoice finance service with simplified approval, free credit checks on debtors, expert and professional receivables management and the cash SMEs in the UK need to scale up.

If you are looking for finance to scale up your business or your clients, speak to us TODAY!